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Diaz Farms started off as a small farm operation in the early 1960s with Ruben Diaz growing cotton and grains. With five sons, Ruben found that early on they were very interested in farming life. So as the Diaz boys continued to grow—so did the Diaz Farms operation.

Today the Diaz Farms operation consists of Ruben Diaz, his three sons—Sam, Eddie and Carlos—and son in-law Art, along with the support of their wives and children.

What started out as a small farming operation has now grown into one of the largest thriving farming operations in the Southwest, thanks to the grace of the Lord, hard work and the dedication of Ruben Diaz and his family.

The Diaz Farms Produce Stand started out when the Diaz Brothers began selling produce in a pecan grove in 1978 from their three-acre vegetable garden. After a couple months they began to see a demand for fresh farm produce.

The Diaz brothers soon began to expand their vegetable farm to what became the current 1600+ acres it is today. With the increase in business, a new location was needed to sell the produce. Thus the “Diaz Farms Produce Stand” was born, located north of Deming on the Silver City HWY.

What was once a small operation supplying produce to the locals has now become a national supplier of New Mexico green, red chile, and onions.

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