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Welcome to Diaz Farms

We are a three generation family owned and operated farm in Deming, New Mexico, near the Hatch Valley. Our farm started back in 1963 and since then we’ve been working hard to grow flavorful New Mexico Green Chile, red chile, onions, melons, hay, pinto beans and many other types of produce.

Through our website you’ll be able to order great New Mexico red and green chile products, pinto beans and other products unique to Southern New Mexico. Take a look around our New Mexico chile shop and our growing collection of authentic New Mexico recipes.

If you are ever in the area, please stop by our lively market and pick up some chile or just say HOLA!
Eddie Diaz

This one-of-a-kind green chile flavor is unique to the Hatch Valley and southern New Mexico—other areas grow green chile but the flavors can’t be matched. We enjoy it in every meal and couldn’t imagine life without it.

Here at Diaz Farms we grow the zestiest and hottest green chile around. We know it’s hard to get green chile outside of southern New Mexico that is why we ship fresh green chile and powders all over the United States.

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New Mexico red chile is a more mature chile, by summer’s end the chile ripens and turns a deep red color. The taste of red chile is a bit more mellow but definitely keeps its heat. Red chile is typically made into a sauce and used in many authentic dishes year round.

Diaz Farms offers sun-dried red chile pods, ristras and red chile powders, which are all perfect for making red chile dishes.

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New Mexican Recipes

Authentic Recipes for New Mexico

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